Battery Kit Update 10-22-2018 English

Hello my friends, just a quick update to let you know where we are regarding the pre-orders and manufacturing.

1. We are waiting for the materials to arrive. 

  • I really dislike the idea of waiting for something that will only translate to more expensive cost for us the community. So after much consideration and research I come to the conclusion that we are not going to use a "known" manufacturer to produce the PCB for us, BUT, we are going local baby...!!!
  • This translate to lower production cost and faster shipping.
  • Personal testing of each board before shipping.

2. Shipping Earlier

  • Base on the pre-order description we where hoping to start shipping the kits entering the first 2 weeks of November, but with the change of manufacturing provider we are pushing to start shipping by next week as the boards comes out of the production line.

3. Full Diy to Pre-Assembled

  • By manufacturing the PCB locally, it will allow us to be faster to market and not wait for a large distributor to have the items for you to get them which means...
  • Buy the kit as a whole or just the parts you need to lower your overall cost
  • Custom made design upon request on your boards. *We are still working on this.
  • Raw material for you to make the boards on your home. 
  • Lower cost... We are trying to cut down the cost of the pre-assemble kit to help you get to your dream powerwall faster.

4. International Shipping

  • We are going to accept International shipping upon request sense its the first time we do this and I don't know the overall cost of it. 
  • So if you want to pre-order and you leave outside USA, please send an email to Javier Camacho and supply a shipping address to get an estimate cost.
  • Once we add a country, it will remain on the website as an option unless something happens that makes us remove it from the list. Like I said, it's my first time and we are learning as we go.

So to wrap it all...

1. We are pushing to start shipping a bit earlier but the original shipping date stands just in case something bad happens

2. International Order Welcome...

3. Individual parts to get you start on making your own pcb's.


God Bless you all and please remember to write your questions over email or facebook. 

Javier Camacho


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